Geranium Bourbon Natural Bar Soap

Geranium Bourbon Natural Bar Soap


Geranium Bourbon is one of the finest Geranium essential oils available. The scent of geranium is very similar to rose, and has many properties that are very beneficial when used in a soap. This oil helps to calm while it helps clear the body of toxins and stimulates the lymphatic system which is important in keeping infections down. When we combine the geranium with the lavender and rose kaolin clay, we end up with a "superbar". We have received many testimonies of complexions being cleared and dryness going away. (Our geranium natural bar soap does not have bourbon, however I am sure that it would only add to its character!)

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  • Made with saponified oils of olive, coconut, avocado, sweet almond, castor; organic unrefined shea butter; essential oils of geranium bourbon & lavender; rose kaolin clay. (2.5 oz.)