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Welcome! We love creating natural products to help your skin feel healthy and clean. To learn more about who we are click below!


Why Natural?

     Here at Harmony Acres, we only use plant-derived essential oils to scent our products, verses carcinogenic, man-made, synthetic oils.

The Difference: Essential Oils are more than just scents, they are skin/body beneficial's. This means that when applied to the skin through a carrier such as Olive Oil, they serve a purpose as well.For example: Lavender EO is very relaxing, and actually helps relieve headaches whereas synthetic lavender tends to create headaches.

When we learned our skin absorbs anywhere from 21- 94% of what is put on it, it was a no-brainer that we needed to do something! There are many synthetic ingredients found in personal care products that are questionable as to their long term health effects and safety for human consumption. We believe that if there is an ingredient that could potentially be harmful or could have adverse long-term effects on our health, that we shouldn't use it in our products when there are healthy and safe alternatives.

     This is why we’re committed to making only natural products! Since our skin is our biggest organ and takes in what we feed it, and body tissue has the ability to store, chemicals can add up. By leaving out the harmful ingredients, we are minimizing the burden our bodies have eliminating these chemicals. Natural isn't just a trend - it’s a way of life. It is very rewarding and fun to create a product that helps our bodies instead of a product that just makes us money.

     Every product you find at Harmony Acres Soap Company is therapeutic and natural… real stuff, real good™. 

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