Beard Burnish - 914

Beard Burnish - 914


This 100% natural beard oil helps you keep your beard manageable and your skin soft...naturally. Our Smelly Dude Beard Burnish is for the sophisticated, yet simple man. We have the perfect, conditioning, beard oil that encourages a strong, healthy and very sexy beard that gives a whole new meaning to "sharp".

This mild, yet musky scent created by combining essential oils of Bay Rum, Clove and Orange are bathed in a moisturizing bath of Argon and Jojoba oils to ensure not only a manageable beard, but soft skin as well. Our Beard Burnish not only tames the most untameable beards, but it conditions the skin underneath as well.Bay Rum essential oil combined with Orange and Clovegive this bearded man's friend a sweet and spicy musk scent that helps keep that special someone close by...real close.

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INGREDIENTS: Apricot Kernel Oil, Argon Oil, Jojoba Oil; Essential Oils of Bay Rum, Orange & Clove. (net wt. 3 oz.)